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Jawar Airport Route Clears, OLS Surveys Complete


Greater Noida,

The work of Obstacle Limitation Surface (OLS) survey for Noida International Airport, which is being built near Jewar in the Yamuna Authority area, has been completed. The Railway Rights Organization, which has done surveys, has submitted its report to Civil Aviation Department Uttar Pradesh Government Lucknow, director Devendra Swaroop. After the investigation, the report will be sent to Ministry of Civil Aviation, Delhi. Dr. Arunvir Singh, CEO of Yamuna Authority informed that the survey work has been completed. No over high building or fireplace and tower etc. have been found on the land for which the land has been marked for the airport. So there is no obstacle in the way of the airport. The Authority has paid 69 lakh rupees for the survey fees. According to the report submitted to Directorate of Civil Aviation, the land which is to be built on Noida International Airport, 6 kilometers of runway in 20 kilometers of area and opposite runway and runway on both sides of the main runway and height 

Above 75 meters in the back side The mobile tower, the brick kiln fireplace or the building has not been found. The team members of the company surveyed say that no over human building, minaret and fireplace etc. have been found on the marked land in the survey. In this regard, it seems reasonable to make an airport in the area. The team has surveyed 5000 hectares of land in 38 villages of Rirgev village, Kurah, Runhera, Kishore, Khawajpur, Kishorepur, Rohi, Thora, Sabota, Bankapur, Parwahi, Ramner and Dhantar Nagla.

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